Solution for Issues resulting from HTTPS Certificates

  • 1 October 2021
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Recently, we have been receiving an increase in the number of tickets related to issues caused by incorrect HTTPS certification chains.

This can have multiple effects on the platform, when using a custom domain, such as: 

  • SCORM Learning Objects not tracking completion

  • New Reports page not loading

  • Power Users page not loading

  • Enrolments page not showing any enrolled user

  • Users not being assigned to automatic groups

Who is Impacted:

If you are using a custom domain and facing one of the errors listed here above, you can verify your custom domain HTTPS certification by checking your custom domain or extended enterprise domain, on one of these sites: 

These sites provide you with a report that highlights any issues with your certificates, such as the one below.


How to Avoid the Issue / What should you do:

If you receive an error  in the report, like above, you will need to upload a new HTTPS certification. For step by step instructions, please refer to this Knowledge Base article, Activating and Managing the HTTPS App.


If you are facing one of the issues listed above, and your configuration allows, you can access your platform through your “” domain with the same credentials.

Once you have uploaded and verified your new HTTPS certification, the errors should be resolved.

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