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Creating a 'Fill in the Blank' test question

  • 21 June 2023
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Hi Everyone

I am trying to create a Fill in the Blank test question and failing miserably.  What I am reading in the guidance notes doesn’t seem to tally with what I am looking at on the screen and the screen example is so small and moves so quickly that it is no help whatsoever.  In short it’s driving me round the bend.

I am trying to create a question that has just one blank to fill.

The guidance states:
“Begin by writing the question in the Question box. Below, you will see a plus sign button labeled Add Answer. Click this button to add the possible answers for a single blank in the question, then type the correct answers in the box labeled accordingly.

No idea what the “box labeled accordingly” is so, rightly or wrongly, I have created this:

but when I try to SAVE CHANGES I get this message:

I’m assuming when it refers to ‘title’ it means question.  If I add all the possible answer shortcodes in the question I can SAVE CHANGES but when I preview the question it looks like this:

I only need one blank to be completed and how/where do I indicate which of the possible answers is the correct one?



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So each answer can have multiple possible correct answers. What you will want to do is if all 3 are correct answers, then add them to the short code [answ 2] this will then allow the user to answer using any of those possibilities. You can do this by editing that answ 2 and just typing them in and hittiing enter. For the other 2 ([answ 3 &4]), you should just remove them. What Docebo thinks you are doing is each answer you create creates in the question another blank that needs to be filled in. 


Let me know if this makes sense!

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if you are wanting the user to fill in 3 answers then you need to add those “fields” for each answer you expect; what you have above only allows 1 fill in the blank answer.

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Thanks @lrnlab and @agreen3225 that’s really helpful.

If the question has two blanks to be filled (one word for each BLANK):

The Port manages risk to ensure its core processes are [BLANK] and [BLANK]

but it doesn’t matter which order they type the words

The Port manages risk to ensure its core processes are EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE
The Port manages risk to ensure its core processes are EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT

would both be considered as correct, is it possible to set this up, and if so, how do I do it?

Many thanks 😊


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yes just enter those variations in the answer box...type and press ENTER to commit the option.

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Thanks @lrnlab 
I’m not sure what you mean.

I have done this:

and the quiz question then looks like this:


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@SarahBee Hello!


So I think they mean it should look like this in both answ’s and that way which ever they choose it will be correct.

The the question will look like this in the edit screen

And will look like this in the quiz:


Now they can put the answer in any order and it will still be correct

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Thanks @agreen3225 That’s exactly what I was trying to achieve.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!