Custom Reports Data Not Updated

  • 1 October 2023
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Our custom reports data has not updated since 9/26/23 at 4 pm. Anyone else having this issue? We already submitted a ticket for escalation, but I’m curious to know if this is impacting only us or if it’s a widespread issue.

7 replies

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Same - could you do me a favor and look at groups as well?

I noticed this as well- just did a manual refresh.  Was trying to figure out if we had a setting off or if this was happening elsewhere.


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Interesting, mine was on that date as well, but a manual refresh got it up to date.

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Hi @michelleoonk, thank you for bringing up this issue. Data refreshes are vital for reporting! I see that you already resolved this through a support ticket and wanted to update this thread. Our support team is fantastic and dedicated, and they are the best people to reach out to when you see your platform behaving unusually.

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@elliott.vickrey thank you for the response, but the issue is not fully resolved yet and the ticket is still open. Our users-courses reports are not capturing in progress users. The only active users appearing on this report are enrolled and completed.  

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Quick follow up to let you know we’re good to go now - thanks! @elliott.vickrey 

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ours are up to date...sorry...