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Marking ILT attendance as completed

When a user accesses a recording of a webinar, and the Mark the event as attended if the user accesses the recordings option is selected, is there no way to automatically mark them completed when there is only 1 session and 1 event?



Best answer by Neil Patterson 26 May 2022, 15:45

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Hi @sharireisch, it should do yes, as this is what ours does.  We tend to only have 1 event and 1 session for a course, with recordings available.

You need to make sure at the Event level that appropriate completion method is selected (we select both as we want it to complete either by accessing the live event, or watching the webinar). 

Then you need to check the Session completion is set to Attendance based (again we just have it as all sessions, as we only have 1).

Finally, check the Course completion is set to At least one completed session.

Hope this helps?

Thanks Neil - I’ve got it all except for the last part.  

Check the Course completion is set to At least one completed session.

Where do I find this? Thanks so much for your help!

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It’s in the Properties tab of the course, underneath the course name, description etc:


Got it. Thank you!

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This should now work as you want it to.  Let me know how you get on 😁