Question/Answers breakdown report by user

  • 23 November 2022
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I’m after a way of building a report that provides the following fields:

  • Question
  • Answer
  • User ID / Name
  • Completion date

I would need this to be exported from a course level report so it would capture the data for all users who have completed.  Is this possible within Docebo’s reporting capabilities?


*I’ve seen a few posts in close relation to my question but no answers that would help me achieve what I’m after (apologies for any duplication if i've missed this somewhere).

11 replies

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of course you can do this...on the report tab of your course, goto the Training Material Statistics tab. There you will see the test object. Click it and you can get a report showing all questions and what each user answered for each one and whether they got it right or can export as well.

Thanks for your reply @lrnlab 

Unfortunately, at least for me, this doesn't generate a report that includes either the question or answers.  I’ve tried with both SCORM and xAPI but the same report is generated.

With SCORM I do get the ‘Answers breakdown’ option however this only provides a tally of how many users selected each answer.

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I’m looking for the same answer. With Cornerstone, I always had an item analysis report for SCORM 2004 courses/assessments. I don’t see a report for Docebo under New Reports and the Training Material information doesn’t provide the details (which @elliotmi also mentioned). 

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this only works with the native Docebo test objects...If you use SCORM 2004 3rd Ed. you can get the answer breakdown that is similar but does not provide the same level of detail you can get from the exam object. had to mask some data but hopefully you get the idea...


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Thanks @lrnlab. That is unfortunate as I don’t think very highly of the Docebo testing functionality. Appreciate the screen shot!

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That is unfortunate...we use it widely and love it...what dont you like about it?

Thanks @lrnlab its useful to know its possible is some way, just a shame the same level of detail isn't available from a SCORM or TinCan package.  I wonder if an API pull in the background might be possible.

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I posted an idea a while back that touches on this:

Some way to report on user answers would be a great feature to have.

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@elliotmi that’s more a of a SCORM issue than Docebo...SCORM has limited abilities to report in the version approved for Docebo

@lrnlab I appreciate that but should it be possible with TinCan?

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I haven’t been able to get better with TinCan. You

should test it and see what works best for you