SCORM not loading in a new window

  • 7 June 2022
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Hi everyone! We publish these toolkits in as SCORM files that my eLearning team has been very clear about wanting to open in a new window because we’ve received feedback that when we’ve had Zoom sessions, our participants have had trouble locating materials in the course player and engaging in the Zoom, so these toolkits basically link to all the resources that they need for the live sessions (we do PD for educators). We’ve been having a lot of issues with the SCORM files not opening properly. It’s pretty hit or miss. Sometimes the file will load, other times it won’t. We publish with Articulate Rise, and they said it was probably the LMS. Anyone else have this issue before? Any ideas of what we can do to make the files more dependable? Thanks!

9 replies

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@rachelg what output format are you using? SCORM 1.2? SCORM 2004 3rd Edition? xAPI?

The eLearning team was initially using 1.2, but I mentioned that I was publishing SCORM files as 2004 3rd edition (I upload mine to play in the lightbox though), so suggested they might have better luck if they published with those settings. It did help a bit, but the inconsistency is still there. 

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if you do need deep reporting, SCORM 1.2 is usually pretty stable...although it’s odd that sometimes the content plays and other times not...may be silly questions but…

  • is your internet connection stable and strong?
  • is the course package large?
  • clearing cache, history, etc. - does this help at all?
  • have you tested the package outside the LMS? Does it behave the same way? 
  • you can test your content here

  • My connection is stable and strong, but when I say it’s inconsistent, I have about 5-6 other people testing and we have 10 SCORM packages built like this and they’re hit or miss for them too
  • The package is 3.6 MB (definitely not the largest SCORM package I’ve dealt with)
  • clearing cache doesn’t seem to help - I did manage to get a debug log by inspecting and reloading the frame, but when I opened a ticket with articulate, they said it was probably an LMS problem (I’m not entirely convinced...)
  • The eLearning team is testing in the SCORM cloud
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I agree that it doesn't sound like an LMS issue but with sporadic results it’s os hard to tell...sorry I cannot provide more help...sounds like you're hitting all the rights places.

Thanks for your help!

@rachelg there are limitations to the SCORM file size you can publish in LEARN.

SCORM files are limited to 800MB.  I suggest publishing the content in to smaller files to create a course with multiple modules.

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@rachelg- good afternoon. What are you using to publish? Rise? Rise is known to having its nuances.

Can I suggest - when all else fails? Try engaging the SCORM Cloud folk? They really get this stuff like no other group.


Hi @rachelg we just ran into this issue with one user, yet another user could open it without a problem. I tried allowing cookies, allowing popups and redirects, and clearing their cache data, all without any luck.


Did you ever track down a root cause to the problem?