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When sending newsletter to a large amount of user, how can we offer unsubscribe or do not reply like hubspot marketing software?

  • 16 January 2023
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The newsletter function offered is amazing but at the same time creating issues for privacy. 

We often use newsletter to send out to a big amount of users and unfortunately we cannot give them the choice to unsubscribe… and/or do not reply. 

Does any one has encountered this issue and has a solution? 

All I can think of is to create a mandatory additional field question for all users on my platform : Do you opt in to select our newsletter? . Then create an automatic group based on yes/no answer. When sending out a newsletter, I can restrict to only people who opted to Yes group. 

Would this work? 

Any better suggestions? 


Best answer by mateojones 31 January 2023, 19:21

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That’s exactly what we did. We created an additional field titled “email Opt-Out (must contain Yes)” as a text field. Then as we get requests to opt out of email notifications we manually add “Yes” to that field on the users profile. We have 2 groups set up, one is an Opt In group that contains users based on a rule that if that field is not equal to “Yes”. The second group is Opt Out with the rule saying the filed contains “Yes” Finally we just set our notifications to filter to only Opt In group. It works well with a relatively easy lift.

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@Gracie WADA @mateojones This is absolutely the correct approach! The only issue would be if you need to only include SOME users within the opt-in group. With this solution, you would need to send the newsletter to the entire group each time. If that doesn’t work for you, a more complex workaround may be required.