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Why do some conditions for automatic groups have operators and some don't?

  • 4 March 2022
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I’m trying to set up some groups, and one of my fields I want to be based on a User Additional Field, but while some of those fields give me operator choices (contains, is equal to, is not equal to), some of them don’t. Of course, the one I want to use doesn’t have operator choices. Does anyone know why this is?


It’s also a field with 5 possible values, 4 text ones, or people can be blank, but I can’t select blank, which I would like to.


Any suggestions?


Best answer by Bfarkas 7 March 2022, 16:20

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3 replies

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The types of operators vary based on the additional field type/format. From your description it sounds like this field is a drop down field is that correct? Is the blank just not choosing an option or do you have an option that is blank?

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@Bfarkas  Thanks for your reply. It is a drop down field, and most of our users have the field blank. It’s blank by default, so if you click the drop down, there isn’t a blank option to select.



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Ah ok, so its a case of default being no selection. It would be nice if they would adjust filters for groups for dropdowns to be based on this as I am sure it is a fairly common. I actively avoid drop down filters due to this and use open ended but they are only set programatically. Maybe put in a suggestion for improvement for ths? I could do an API solution for it, but is overkill for this.