Pre and Post Assessment

  • 9 November 2021
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We are starting a pilot program that involves having our users take a pre-assessment at the start of a week long training. They then take the same assessment at the end to gauge how much they have learned. Has anyone found a good way to use assessments to do this? We want to be able to easily compare the first assessment with the second one. I appreciate any insight anyone can provide!

1 reply

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Hi @KoriWatkins if you want to track the difference between the 2, you’ll need to build 2 separate test objects. Docebo does not track iterations of the same exam so if a user takes the same test more than once, the scores are overwritten each time. It’s quite easy to if you use the export/import option...just keep in mind that this process does not import question types: long answer, short answer or anything that needs to be evaluated. Multiple choice works great though.