Using Docebo for Wellness Challenge/Competition

  • 10 November 2021
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The organization I’m with is currently using Docebo to offer health coaching. I’m interested in hearing if/how anyone has used the platform to facilitate challenges (we offer step challenges, pushup challenges, etc.). 

All suggestions/ideas are welcome!

4 replies

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Im interested in this as well

@newusermiller - did you come up with anything

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I’m looking at running a self reported competition that isn’t related to a course as such. Did you find a work around?

I did not find a workaround and Docebo has reiterated that gamification (badges and leader boards) is unfortunately only available based on completed courses. 

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I’m starting to look into Microsoft forms and embedding these either on a page or in emails and creating the leaderboard that way, but hosting it in the Docebo platform.