Oh My! The ILT's have prerequisite courses due before training

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I have several ILT’s which allow Self enrollment and have a course as it’s prework.  When they self-enroll in the ILT, is there a way to have the LMS automatically enroll them in the prerequisite course, that has a due date? Or when the person self-enrolls, I would need to enroll them in the course? Thank you for your input and time.

5 replies

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We assign most of our training via Learning Plans. We set the pre-requisites in the Learning Plan. Once the user completes the pre-requisite they are then presented with sessions in which they can enroll.

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Put both the ILT and prework elearning into a learning plan, and set the elearning as a prerequisite in the learning plan settings.

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The learning plan idea is really good, because you can lock the ILT from being accessed until they complete the pre-work. 

If you don’t want to use a learning plan, you can use a group with automatic user assignment based on course enrollment status and then use an enrollment rule to automatically enroll the user into the pre-req course. 

Create a group with the condition that if someone is enrolled into the ILT they are automatically added to the group.  Then you can create an enrollment rule for that group, so that when someone is assigned to the group, they are automatically enrolled into the pre-req course. 

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I have used both approaches mentioned above. We did experience a bit a of a lag when using the group / enrollment rule approach. It required the user to refresh their screen to view the newly assigned course.  As with everything just make sure you test! 

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We use a combination of the approaches above. We have the ILT course in a learning plan, then have a group set up for everyone in the ILT course, with an enrollment rule to enroll everyone in that group into the learning plan. This ensures that if someone gets added to the ILT manually they also get added to the prerequisites and can’t access the ILT until they have completed those.