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  • 29 June 2021
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Hi, Our training department is starting a customer podcast that we want to host on Docebo. Is there a way to post mp3 (or any audio file) to display in a player and display show notes for each episode? Or do you just have to link Docebo to a podcast hosting site (like Anchor)? Maybe Manage Pages?

I saw this Docebo blog post and thought it might be possible to host the podcast in Docebo, but I just cannot figure out how.



3 replies

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hi @a1johnsa, there’s no way to host podcast where you can see a live “chat”; however, waht perhaps could be done is hosting the podcast elsewhere and still uploading it to Docebo afterwards - not inside of a course, but rather in one of the channels if you have the Coach & Share product from Docebo.

That way, it is optional and can be accessed by anyone. If someone is not interested, it won’t show up in their “my courses” section, which is good for their user experience. Using Coach & Share, your users will still be able to have a little discussion below the video player with the podcast and will be able to use Q&A to ask further questions to the hosts, to which they can reply via text or during a follow-up podcast.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Although I think it’s a good alternative, I know it’s not ideal.

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What we did is use Microsoft Teams (could also use Zoom) and recorded a meeting, podcast style. We called it “Listen & Learn” and made a single slide with that title, the date, theme and hosts and that’s the image that was recorded during the virtual “meeting.” At the beginning we reminded everyone that this was a “listen only” format and that they could minimize their screen to listen in the background or use the Go Learn app on their mobile device.

When complete, we saved the recording as an mp4 file and then uploaded it to our “Listen & Learn” channel.

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Hello @a1johnsa!

We use Podbean to host our podcast, and then use the embeddable HTML player.

We can’t track any kind of completions in the LMS itself, however.

Otherwise you may want to use Camtasia (or another video editing app), use your podcast thumbnail as the background image, and load the mp3 into a video you can export into mp4 format.  You can simply then upload the MP4 to Docebo as training material.  Camtasia is inexpensive ($250), and easy to use.