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How to let our users to access the webinar link from Ms Team?

  • 14 January 2022
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As an Admin: After I set up a session and an event, I am asked to put a link of my webinar. However, I cannot select Ms Teams. So, I select Custom Tool and put my Ms Team link there. 


As enrolled user: Is there any way to see the Ms Team link after his enrollment? 



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It sounds like maybe there’s a couple things to call out. 

  • The screenshot you’ve provided has a date of 1/6/22 - That’s in the past so the system won’t show a “Join Webinar” button for events that are in the past. 
  • You mentioned that “Microsoft Teams” didn’t show up but that might be because you have to configure that integration first. Use this KB article to help set that up

My suggestion would be to build a new event that’s in the future and then remember that you can configure when that button appears. You have the option to have it appear when the event begins or at some time duration before the event (You can actually set different options for Instructors vs Learners)